Loadman Australia has many years of experience in supplying and installing various on-board scale systems for vacuum tanker, hook lift & skip bin truck installations.

There are two options available: suspension based or under-body load cells; the systems offer different features and benefits and it is really at the owner’s discretion as to which system best suits the application.

The advantage of suspension based systems is that they are cost-effective and are easily installed, especially as a retrofit.

Load cell based systems are typically more accurate as the payload is weighed directly through the load cells. This system is more suited to installation at time of manufacture as a retrofit does require significant rework.

Our on-board scale systems can help you to eliminate overloading fines and assist an operator to achieve maximum legal loading.

Additionally our systems have user friendly programming with on-screen troubleshooting and diagnostics and the unique digital two wire technology is protected from the effects of moisture and electro-magnetic interference.

The Loadman Fleet Management Software programme complements the scale systems providing GPS location and payload data. It has the ability to geo-fence locations and display customer names and account numbers. This software is a very cost-effective and powerful management tool for the refuse industry.

Suspension based systems

Loadman Australia has ideal solutions for rigid trucks with air ride suspension or spring suspension and can also supply on-board scale solutions for vehicles which have a combination of both suspension types.

Scale systems from the Loadman and LMA ranges provide accurate and safe loading from the driver’s cabin.

Steer axle weighing is available through Loadman Australia’s unique deflection transducer or Red Forge rotary sensors.

Load cell based systems

With a comprehensive range of load cell designs including load cell pins with high output technology Loadman is able to offer accurate under-body scale systems for most refuse body installations.

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