On-Board Scale Systems for the Road Transport Industry

In Australia, heavy road vehicles are carefully regulated; as a heavy vehicle operator or fleet owner, it is therefore important to ensure your trucks are compliant. Loadmass offers scale system solutions for road transport vehicles from the Loadman and Airtec ranges. Whether you’re hauling logs or managing cross-country road trains, knowing the mass of your load before you hit the road is crucial in terms of safety, legality and profitability.

Our on-board scale systems with in-cab meters make it easy to ascertain gross weight and individual load for axle groups, eliminating any guesswork and ensuring your vehicles are on the road as quickly as possible.

Ensuring compliancy on Australian roads

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has strict regulations surrounding a particular vehicle’s general mass limits (GML), and in some cases concessional mass limits (CML) and higher mass limits (HML). In addition, Transport Certification Australia (TCA) has proposed an Intelligent Access Program (IAP) for Higher Mass Limits (HML), designed to provide the government with assurances surrounding the use of telematics and related technologies in road vehicles.

With the increase in regulations surrounding road transport vehicles on Australian roads, having the right scale system in place is critical. Loadmass has a TCA Type Approval (Category A) for IAP on-board mass solution. We work with IAP service providers Blackbox Control, Netstar, Teletrac Navman and Transport Certification Services (TCS) helping you to ensure complete compliance with the latest regulations.

Our on-board scale systems, combined with Loadman Fleet Management Software, make it easier than ever before to manage your road transport fleet.

We offer a range of load mass systems for on-highway vehicles

Our broad range suits rigid trucks, truck and dog combinations, semi-trailers, b-doubles and road trains. From externally mounted axle load indicators, through to sophisticated and integrated solutions with in-cab displays and remote screen apps featuring Bluetooth connectivity, we have you covered. Our on-board mass systems measure both gross weight and axle group weights, with accuracy within 1% of GVM.

Our system technology includes:

  • Air pressure transducers for air suspensions systems
  • Deflection transducers for steer axles on spring suspension
  • Load cells for under body and fifth wheel systems (standard and heavy duty)
  • Load cell pins for tipper hinge points and floats
  • Hydraulic pressure transducers for tipper hoists/hydraulic suspension systems for
  • Custom design options where required

Contact Loadmass for all your road transport scale requirements

Ensure your fleet is compliant on the road with the Loadmass range of on-board truck scale systems. Accurate and easy to use, there is no better way to manage load weights across your fleet.

Get in touch with Loadmass today for an effective solution tailored to suit your specific needs and budget. Call 1300 562 362 or email admin@loadman.com.au.

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