The easy to read cab mounted meter will display the gross weight and individual axle groups for both the truck and trailer. With an on-board printer each load can be logged and printed at point of loading.

The Loadman LM300 meter has data storage and transfer capability to interface with GPS fleet management systems. Optional features include: on-board printer, bar code reader, remote  and programmable target wei ght set point lights or alarms. GVM or payload modes are operator selectable.

Drive axle suspensions on Kenworth and Volvo and some other European have dual ride height valves, with these or any other suspensions with dual ride height valves a second air pressure transducer and suitably matched Can-Coder is installed.

Transport Certification Australia has implemented Smart OBM system standards and there is now a requirement for vehicles running under HPFV or IAP to have a Smart OBM system fitted which is integrated with an approved ASP.  Loadmass has an approved OBM system, the LM300 Can-Coder system, which is type approved for Category B.

With the establishment of Transport Certification Australia and the proposed Intelligent Access Program (IAP) for Higher Mass Limits (HML), selecting the right scale system is critical. Loadman Australia has a TCA approved IAP OBM solution with IAP service providers Transtech Driven and Transport Certification Services (TCS).

The Airtec scale system is based on individual axle group indicators. These devices are externally mounted with an easy to read LED display. They are available in single and dual inputs to suit single and dual ride height air suspension systems.

Airtec AXL200 and AXL300 models are a cost-effective and accurate axle group weighing system.

With the development of wireless technology for the AXL300 range we are now able to offer complete integrated systemswith in-cab fixed screen or remote display via phone app.

Loadmass Truck and Dog Combinations

Loadmass Articulated Multi Combination

Loadmass Airtec

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