Loadmass has a TCA approved Smart OBM (Category B) system, the Loadman LM300 Can-Coder system.

Loadmass’s product, the LM300 Can-Coder system is currently the only product that is approved to be running with all five TCA approved Application Service Providers (ASP) in Australia. (see table below).

We are also the distributer for the Airtec 89AX Series which also has (Category B) type approval and the Airtec product has approval to be running with three of the five ASP’s. (see table below).

This allows our approved systems to be used in all IAP and TMA application where Smart OBM systems are required by the regulator.

Smart OBM systems need to be fitted to vehicles in the following circumstances:-

  1. Victorian High Productivity Freight Vehicles (HPFV).  In early 2021 Victoria issued a revised notice for operators of HPFV that stated there will be a six month phase in period requiring all HFPV vehicles to have a Smart OBM fitted with the option of enrolling in IAP or TMA.
  2. In NSW and QLD specific kinds of PBS vehicles are required to have smart OBM fitted.
  3. In Tasmania vehicles that are running under PBS Vehicle monitoring.

The Loadmass product uses the Loadman Can-Coder system together with the LM300 meter which uses load cell and air transducer technology.  The system is programmed to provide steer and drive axle weights of the prime mover along with the axle group weights for the trailers as well as the GCM.

The Can-Coders unique ability enables the axle group calibration to be held on the trailer and allows trailer swapping with other prime movers that are fitted with a compatible Loadman system.  The system is programmed with the trailer registration number which allows a unique identifier to be generated.  The system can also accommodate combination variations such as when a trailer is dropped off or added to a standard configuration.  The system also provides fault alarms in cases of lost connections.  The Loadman LM300 has the capability of measuring 7 axle groups with steer axle weight a calculation based on the drive axle weight.

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