On-Board Scale Systems for the Waste Management Industry

In the waste management game, running vehicles at peak capacity — but within industry regulations — is crucial to productivity and your bottom line. Offering a range of on-board scale solutions for most refuse truck applications, Loadmass makes it easy to weigh and monitor each load.

Systems can be designed for most vehicle types — including vacuum tankers, container bin trucks, and front, side and rear load waste collection vehicles — and can be suspension based or load cell systems.

We can also install weigh-in-motion scales for front load, side load and rear load refuse applications and offer unique load cell designs with the ability to compensate for the centre of gravity moment. Loadman weigh-in-motion systems are an extremely accurate solution for individual bin weighing.

What sort of waste management vehicles can we accommodate?

At Loadmass, we install our on-board scale systems in new vehicles, or retrofit to bring your older fleet up to date. We offer a range of systems to suit the following vehicles:

Front load refuse: Our American partners (Loadman USA) are one of the major suppliers for what is arguably one of the toughest applications for a scale system — front load refuse vehicles for the domestic market. A unique load cell design means bins are weighed independent of the bin’s centre of gravity. Find out more.

Rear load refuse: Our rear load weigh-in-motion scale system uses larger load cells than most industry suppliers, which means these scales are capable of measuring up to 1000kg. As with the front load refuse system, these scales are able to take accurate readings independent of the bin’s centre of gravity. Find out more.

Side load refuse: Our side load scale system is compact in design and features two plates that are installed between the lifter and push out arm. Perfectly suited to 240 litre bins, this system can also be used with rear load vehicles for this purpose. Find out more.

Hook lift and skip bin trucks: If you operate hook lift vehicles, we have a load scale system to suit. With a choice of a suspension based or under-body load cell scale systems, we can help you accurately weigh skip bins, ensuring they are not under or overloaded. Find out more.

Vacuum tanker: When it comes to vacuum tanker scale systems, there are two options available: suspension based or load cells. Suspension systems are a great cost effective option to retrofit, while load cells deliver greater accuracy. Find out more.

Intelligent systems that make your life easier

Loadman Fleet Management Software and our on-board weighing solutions offer a great management tool to help the operator safely achieve maximum legal loading — while eliminating the risk of overloading fines. The Loadman Fleet Management Software combined with GPS location technology provides accurate data on load weights, delivery times, location and more. There has never been an easier way to manage your fleet of waste management vehicles!

Contact the team at Loadmass today

If you are searching for load scale systems that improve productivity, profitability and safety for your waste management business, don’t leave it to chance. At the forefront of the industry here in Australia, Loadmass can create effective load management solutions to suit your specific needs and budget — and we’ll also provide on-going support and advice.

For specific applications we would be pleased to suggest a solution; call 1300 562 362 or
email admin@loadman.com.au.

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