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The Leader in On-Board Truck Weighing Scale Systems

Take the guesswork out of determining your vehicle’s load mass with the Loadmass range of on-board truck scale systems.

Distributing scale systems for more than 20 years, we’re about making life in the heavy hauling game easier — and more accurate. Loadmass Pty Ltd is the leader in the supply and installation of vehicle on-board truck scale systems and associated software across three main industries: road transport, waste management, and mining and construction.

Road transport: Our road transport range includes solutions for highway vehicles, from rigid trucks through to bulk haulage, including truck and dogs and logging vehicles.

Waste management: We offer solutions for the waste management industry, including front, rear and side load refuse vehicles, vacuum tankers and skip bin trucks.

Mining and construction: We provide on-board mass systems for mine and quarry dump trucks, concrete agitators and more.

Our easy-to-use on-board weighing solutions give commercial vehicle operators the information required to effectively manage their fleet with confidence. Our cab-mounted meters are easy to read and display gross weight, as well as the weights for individual axle groups if required. With an on-board printer, each load can be measured, printed and logged at the point of loading.

Loadmass can design, supply and install systems to meet most on-board weighing system requirements — whether you need a simple system or something a little more complex, we’re here to help. We provide solutions from the Loadman range, products from Airtec and our locally designed and manufactured LMA range to ensure we can address local requirements for almost all applications. With a wide range of optional features available, we can tailor a system to suit your specific needs and budget.

In short, we are your one stop on-board scale system shop!


Weigh with confidence


Ensuring your vehicles are loaded within the correct weight limits and compliant with the relevant authorities is an important part of heavy vehicle operation. Loadmass

scale systems provide accurate weight measurement (within 1% accuracy) and our on-board mass systems are approved for Transport Certification Australia (TCA) Type Approved – Category B for IAP and TMA applications.

Our on-board scale systems can help you minimise load adjustment times for improved productivity, operate within maximum legal loading for improved profitability, and eliminate the risk of overloading fines — all while ensuring the safety of vehicle operators and those around them.

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Vehicle load scale systems are about productivity, profitability and safety, so don’t leave anything to chance. Loadmass is at the forefront of the industry in creating effective load management solutions using the latest technology available.

Customer service is part of the package, and we are more than happy to provide advice and on-going technical support. For more information regarding our on-board truck scale solutions, call 1300 562 362 or email [email protected].