On-Board Scale Systems for the Mining & Construction Industry

In the mining and construction industry, accuracy, productivity and safety are crucial. At Loadmass Australia, we can provide you with the on-board scale systems you need to ensure you are operating at maximum efficiency and within regulation. We have on-board scale solutions for most mining and construction vehicles, including haulage trucks, underground mining trucks and concrete agitators.

In the mining and construction industry, inconsistent vehicle payloads lead to decreased productivity, premature tyre wear, increased failure on wheel group components, overall excessive wear on truck components and unnecessary spillage. The range at Loadmass of customisable on-board scale systems provides vehicle operators with the ability to produce repeatable and consistent payloads, eliminating the problems associated with overloading and providing an audit trail for materials carried.

Weigh scale solutions to suit your needs

Loadmass offers a range of systems to suit different vehicles and applications.
For mine and quarry dump trucks, our load cell system allows strain gauges to be mounted in a load cell pin; this measures sheer force. Using a combination of load cell pins and load cell beams, the body is completely supported on load cells to ensure accurate (within 1% GVM) and consistent weighing. Alternatively, we can also install systems where the load cell pins are mounted to the hydraulic suspension struts.

Concrete agitator scale systems are now available, using patented load cell technology; a load cell is mounted beneath the gearbox on the front pedestal, and load cells are also added to the rear roller pins. This enables the accurate monitoring of load discharge, without the need to stop the barrel. The carry back and barrel build up can also be monitored.

In addition, scale systems are available for heavy haul machinery transporters with load cell and hydraulic suspension technology.

All Loadman scale systems feature easy-to-use in-cab display meters, allowing the driver to quickly and easily ascertain the weight of their load. Our on-board scale systems provide payload data, which can be used in conjunction with Loadman Fleet Management Software.

This complete system makes it possible to track vehicle loads by weight, and provides information regarding the exact amount loaded, delivered and carried back. Coupled with GPS technology, you can also access information on vehicle location. In short, it’s a complete information source for easy and accurate fleet management.

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Loadmass’s on-board payload monitoring systems are backed by years of research and experience, gained from thousands of installations — allowing you to operate with confidence.

With a range of off-the-shelf and custom designed scale systems to suit the mining and construction industry, Loadmass has the solution for your specific application. From haulage trucks to underground mining trucks and concrete agitators, we have an easy-to-use system that suits your needs. Boost efficiency, profitability and safety — and operate with the confidence that you are working within industry regulations.

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