Scale systems for Rigid trucks can be either suspension or load cell based.

Load cell based systems have a reputation of being the more accurate method of scaling a rigid truck but usually need to be installed when the body is fitted to the chassis. The cost of retrofitting a system can be expensive.

Suspension based systems provide a solution which is easy to install without need for fabrication enabling the system components to be transferred to another vehicle  at replacement time.

We offer the Red Forge Axalert Plus for 4 x 2 rigid trucks up to 16000kg GVM; the Axalert Plus is suitable for both spring and air suspension. The system uses rotary sensors to measure axle travel on spring suspensions and air transducers for air suspension. Axalert Plus systems are calibrated to the gross axle weights and display the GVM as a percentage with a bar graph for steer and drive axles loading.

The Loadman system for rigid trucks with air suspension on the drive axle uses the LMA-500 Deflection Transducer for steer axles on spring suspension and an air transducer on the drive. Drive axles on Spring Suspension are scaled using the Red Forge rotary sensors; this solution is our hybrid system.

Loadman and Loadman Hybrid systems are suitable for 4 x 2, 6 x 2, 6 x 4 and 8 x 4. We can also scale 5 axle rigid trucks.

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